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Secure your spot and get started today with our EXCLUSIVE offer!


Secure your spot and get started today with our EXCLUSIVE offer!

Perry Gallagher reviewed Inspire Martial Arts
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I have been fortunate enough to train at some of the best martial arts studios in southern California over the past 25+ years, Inspire Martial Arts is the best of the best!!

Gibbs Jc Cabral reviewed Inspire Martial Arts
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Inspire Martial arts is the best! And the staff too! Also the people that go there! Hahaha. Just what the the name says, Master Winkle inspires People and get them motivated first about health then after that it spreads out on your habits and life just like a disease. A great disease. Next thing you know your life changes for the better.

Leslie Martinez reviewed Inspire Martial Arts
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Want to get in shape with a great group of people and inspiring instructor? This is the place to be! Here are the deets if you want to join kickboxing at Inspire Martial Arts: (1) everyone is welcoming from the moment you step in, (2) everyone is passionate and hard working, (3) it's fun for people of different levels, and (4) free parking is feasible - there is a parking structure around the corner. Love the classes. I wish I could go more often!

Anna Maria Prezio reviewed Inspire Martial Arts
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My granddaughter has been attending, learning and being inspired by Master Winkle and his awesome staff. Inspire Martial Arts is not just a Martial Arts class or school. It is a motivational, community minded, self-actualization, positive thinking, family oriented, empowering and life enhancing environment. It nurtures without baby-ing, teaches how to succeed and at the same time assertive and nurturing the mind, body, and spirit of all. Every time I go there to watch my granddaughter, who has evolved tremendously and positively, I enjoy the class. My very best to Master Winkle whose guiding light affects us in such a positive way that you can't help but want to return.

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Our latest news & thoughts

Hey Siri

“Hey Siri find me a vegetarian restaurant nearby. “
“Hey siri what day of the week is march 15 2027”
“Alexa add paper towels to my shopping list”
Alexa play yacht rock
Speak into the Firestick remote: “Cobra Kai” and the choices pop up instantly
“Hey siri call Kati”
Remember the days when you had to find a phone booth and have change to make a call to someone?
Remember unfolding a map to figure out how to get somewhere?
Technology has made our life so much easier and should be giving us more time. But, is it? Or is it capitalizing your time?
We implemented a new app for our school. This is not to eliminate customer service this is so we can spend more time with our students.
Devices give us more time yet obesity is still on the rise. We need to be with our families more than ever. We need to have more me time.
Use your devices to get organized, delegate and be more efficient so you can spend more time on yourself, with your families and other things that are vital to living a happy life.
In the 80s and 90s we bragged and wore as a badge of honor that we only had to sleep 3 or 4 hours a night. We bragged how we worked 18 hours a day.
If someone told me this now I would think that they didn’t care about themselves or others. And that they were only shortening their lives.
It is time for us to be happy. To live a life that is not just passing us by. It is time to live and not hope that someday if I achieve some level that I will suddenly be happy and fulfilled.
It is time to make “OUR LIFE OUR VACATION”
At Inspire Martial Arts we teach these philosophies on a daily basis. Join us for a few classes and see what a difference life can be when you own your happiness
Keith Winkle
Chief Inspirer